Spring skin makeover (holistic edition)

Spring skinSpring skin
Spring skinSpring skin


Spring skin makeover (holistic edition)

Spring is upon us, and with the change in climate, it seems fitting to transform ourselves too. The best way to achieve a visible change in appearance is to improve your skin, as it’s a more permanent change than donning a new pair of kicks or rocking a new hairstyle. But, with the amount of beauty products and tips out there, it becomes quite the daunting task to attempt a new skincare regimen. Of these, a holistic skincare approach seems the most challenging as it requires change on many fronts. However, when considering the all-round benefits of a holistic approach, it’s clearly worth it. After all, self-love justifies an effort.

So, why a holistic skincare approach? The answer is simple. There are many elements that influence the appearance of our skin, including diet, lifestyle and products. If we only change one of these aspects but the rest remain unchanged, what effect can the change really have? Also, a holistic approach goes more than skin deep and affects change throughout your whole body.


The holistic skin makeover (a comprehensive guide)

This regimen consists of many facets, all of which combine to essentially bring about a lifestyle change. Are you ready to really care for yourself? If the answer is yes (and it should be), implement these changes in your daily routine.


Sleep is your friend

First and foremost, no skincare regimen would be effective and sustainable without a good sleeping schedule. It’s hard to imagine your skin looking amazing with huge dark circles under your eyes. Even though it’s a widely known assertion that one should get a good eight hours of sleep every night, in practice, this is about as unattainable as finding a cat video that isn’t adorable. However, what is important is maintaining a somewhat consistent sleeping pattern. Meaning, if you can get by with five or six hours of sleep at night, make sure to get that amount every night (with the occasional exception, of course). Your body will then adjust to this sleeping schedule and regulate its functions around that. This doesn’t just mean that you should get the five or six hours of sleep however and whenever. A big part of it is adhering to a bedtime and waketime respectively.


Stay hydrated

Next up, and equally important, is keeping your body (not just your skin) hydrated. This involves both regulating your water intake and avoiding water loss. In other words, drink plenty of water and avoid consuming dehydrating foods and beverages. The importance of drinking water is self-explanatory, as it cleanses the body (and thus the skin) of toxins. A good indication of the amount of water you should be drinking is to multiply your bodyweight by a factor of 0,03. So for instance, if you weigh 65kg, you should be drinking roughly two litres of water every day. Equally important is the regularity of your water intake. Drinking water constantly throughout the day is better than dehydrating all day and consuming all your water requirements before bed. Make sure to space your water intake over the course of a full day, from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed. Certain types of foods also provide your body with the necessary moisture it needs. Examples are cucumbers, lettuce, strawberries, watermelon and celery. It seems making an effort to get your five-a-day can also contribute to a hydrated body and healthy skin. Who knew fruits and veggies were that important? As for avoiding dehydrating agents, any efforts to stay hydrated will be redundant if you are dehydrated. So, to avoid doubling your work, think twice about overly salty or sugary foods and dehydrating beverages such as caffeine, alcohol and sugary drinks. Ultimately, a healthy diet is the way to go if you want to get rid of dry skin and achieve that fresh spring glow.


Apply the best products regularly

Finally, we get to the part that actually involves outwardly treating your skin. In order to avoid dry skin, it is also important to clean and moisturise your face and body. Once again, regularity and consistency are of importance. Try to wash and moisturise your skin when you wake up and before you go to bed. Ideally, the morning routine would consist of simply rinsing your skin with clean water and then applying a reputable moisturiser. This way, the natural oils produced by the skin aren’t completely stripped away resulting in even more oil production. In the evening, wash your skin with a cleaning agent to remove dirt and oil buildup after a long day. Moisturise again to avoid your skin drying out and producing even more oil overnight to compensate. Plus, what’s better than going to bed feeling fresh and smelling sensational?


Try these tips for a few weeks and look out for differences in the appearance of your skin, your energy levels and the general well being of your body. You’ll look and feel so great that these tips will form part of your daily routine no matter the season. Then, you won’t need a skin makeover next spring.


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