Tips for meeting your next significant other

significant othersignificant other
significant othersignificant other


Tips for meeting your next significant other

No, you’re not going to read about which dating apps you should download or which bars you should be hanging out at over the weekend. The key to finding love is about more than that. It’s about being the best possible version of yourself before you can even think about being in a relationship. So, if you’ve decided that 2018 is the year for you to meet your next or even last significant other, here are some tips for meeting him.


You need to love yourself

Yes, you’ve heard this advice before. “You need to love yourself before someone else can love you.” You’ve heard it many times because it’s true. You need to love yourself and you need to treat yourself with respect. Use positive words and phrases when thinking about yourself, those words will soon start being the ones which you’ll use when you talk about yourself. And those are the ones your new boyfriend will use when he thinks about and talks about you.


You need to be in the right headspace

To attract a new partner, you need to feel that you deserve one. You need to know that one will be coming into your life. To do that, you don't obsess about it. You need to be relaxed about attracting a new partner into your life. Instead, picture your life together. Imagine how it would be and the things you’d do together, the places you'll go. Now you’re in the right headspace to attract a new man into your life.


You need to be open to a new relationship

The only way to be open to a new relationship is to get rid of all old options. Now is the time to cut ties with everyone else in your life who hasn’t worked out. Your ex-boyfriend who won’t stop texting you? That guy you met in a bar who you thought had potential but doesn’t make plans to meet up again? That guy you had a crush on but doesn’t return your feelings? Cut them out of your life. Hanging onto them sends the message to the world that you don’t need a new boyfriend. Your life needs to be open, completely open, to new opportunities.


Ditch your list

Everyone has that list. The list of exactly who the perfect man is. You think you want a tall guy, with blue eye and their own business. You think you want an extrovert who goes out every weekend. You dream of the kind of man who knows exactly how to please you in the bedroom, even knowing when to experiment with sex toys. But the reality is that no man is ever going to perfectly match your list. So, ditch your list and be open to all of the men you’ll meet. After all, you can always change some of the small things you’re not too sure about later on like their oddly nerdy dress sense.


Create your new list

Rather than be super specific about the man you’d like to meet, rather imagine how you’d like to feel. You want to be in a relationship where you’re treated right. You want someone who is kind to you. You want someone who makes you laugh. You want someone who likes your family. These are the truly important things. These are far more important than the colour of his eyes or his questionable dress sense.


By learning to love yourself, ensuring you’re in the right headspace, being open to love and ditching your ideas of what makes the perfect man, you’ll be far more likely to soon meet your next significant other.


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