Upgrade your bedroom to tone down your anxiety

Upgrade your bedroomUpgrade your bedroom
Upgrade your bedroomUpgrade your bedroom

Upgrade your bedroom to tone down your anxiety

Anxiety is a behavioral struggle that many people face on a daily basis. Some aren’t as effective at keeping their minds’ stress, worry and concern free as others and need that extra mood-boost to keep their anxiety at bay.

At some point in our lives, we all experience the symptoms of anxiety that may be induced as a result of a stressful situation we find ourselves in or even just by potentially imagining ourselves in one. But, for some, anxiety can be a disorder.

There are many natural ways to soothe ones anxiety and a good place to start would be in your bedroom. A place where you start and end everyday.


Start with the bed

Sleep is the remedy for many things in life, but you can’t sleep if you’re uncomfortable or not comforted. To solve the “being comforted” conundrum, soothe your mind with shades of blue and wrap yourself up in blue blankets and pillows. You can even go a few steps further and add blue furniture or paint your walls blue to magnify its calming properties.

As for being comfortable throughout the night, it may be time to upgrade your mattress and pillows to something more posturepedic and stable for your body to be able to comfortably relax throughout the night. No one enjoys starting the morning with a stiff neck or screaming lower back pain as a result of unsupportive pillows and mattress.


Add essential oils

Now that the feature of the room is the right kind of blues, you can move onto the rest of the bedroom. Add some essential oils through a diffuser to keep the scent of the room fresh and your mood calm.

Lavender oils are one of the best oils for so many reasons, but especially for its calming abilities and, subsequently, for your anxiety. Having lavender burning in the room will start to calm your mind from the moment you walk through your bedroom door.


Or burn some candles

And if essential oils aren’t your thing, then it’s as easy as buying a candle to light when you’re feeling extremely overwhelmed. The only thing with candles is to be sure to blow them out before you go to sleep.

But to go through your morning and bedtime routine with a scented (preferably lavender) candle burning, will ready your mind for the day ahead and calm your mind once the day has passed and prepare yourself for sleep.


Save your sleep with some white noise

Before we wander off the topic of sleep, let’s talk about adding some white noise to save your evening sleep. Dead quiet isn’t calming for an anxious mind, it just provides more room for stressful thoughts to play out. But, when you add some white noise into the mix, your mind is likely to be saved and soothed into drowning out the worries over the hum of a fan or sounds from a white noise machine.


Place a pot plant in the room

Plants will purify the air in your bedroom as well as keep your anxiety and chances of a panic attack low. Snake plants and, you guessed it, lavender are great plants to pop in a pot and place on the desk or windowsill. You can also opt for larger plants like an areca palm to put in the corner of your room if you want it to stand out more.

The thing about plants is more than just improving the air quality around you. The process of caring for them, their colours and just being surrounded by plants can improve your mood and more.


Invest in organisers

Having a messy and disorganised room can stress out the mildest of people and it's definitely not a productive or caring environment for people with anxiety.

Invest in organisers all around your room. Your cupboards, drawers, desk items and that crazy corner with bits and bobs of random items that you pretend aren’t there, need to be sorted out. Keeping your space clean and organised will open up the space in your bedroom and make you feel like you have more room to think clearly, which is exactly the case.


A calm corner for cramming thoughts

Take that crazy corner and transform it into a calming corner where you can cram all your anxious thoughts between the pages of a journal. With comfortable pillows and cushions for seating, enough natural light flowing in and a pair of comfy pants, you can take all the stress from the day and comfortably document it and release the thoughts from your mind to trap them in your journal.


Highlight something you love

Whether it’s a photograph of kittens, a collage of you and your friends, a geometric wall shelf with your little pot plant inside or a poster of your celebrity crush – highlight whatever it is you love on your wall. You’ll see it every single day and be forced to smile and be happy.


Anxiety is manageable and can be as easy as upgrading your bedroom.

Upgrade your bedroom