What your bedroom design says about you

bedroom designbedroom design
bedroom designbedroom design

What your bedroom design says about you

Almost every aspect of our lives can be analysed and connected to the type of person we are. Whether we take note of it or not, our personality will always find a way to materialise in the real world. Be it by the way we stir our cup of tea in the morning, the way we tie our shoelaces or the way we design our bedroom.

This article is going to look at what your bedroom design says about the type of person you are and you’ll come to see how, subconsciously, your personality shines through. It’s interesting to note and a sneaky way to find out a little bit more about a family member, friend, partner or potential partner.


The colour of your walls

Let’s start with the first thing most people notice in a room: the colour of the walls. And if not the walls specifically, then the colour scheme of the bedroom as a whole. It usually comes down to being an introvert with safe colours or an extrovert who’s loud and proud.

  • White: White walls are symbolic of a blank canvas for a busy mind to explode all over. It allows for a versatile space that can be easily changed and reflects a clear and, typically, organised area.
  • Blue: Depending on the shade of blue your room can say two different things. Pale or lighter blues are usually for people who need a calming environment and possibly suffer from anxiety and stress. A bolder or darker blue, however, is associated with a strong will and unique sophistication.
  • Pink: With pink walls, your personality type is usually a sociable, gentle and caring one. And the brighter the pink, the more social you’re said to be.  
  • Neutral: Greys and creams are considered neutral colours and the bedroom owners of these walls are neutral people. Simplicity and a tendency to keep to oneself is what these colour palettes hint towards.  
  • Yellow: Extroverts will opt for this bright and happy colour that speaks of a welcoming, friendly and driven personality.


The design and arrangement of your bed

Next we’re going to look at the main piece of furniture in the room: the bed. Your bed alone is a wonder of a thousand words towards your personality type. The choice of pillows, stuffed animals, design and even the making of your bed speaks towards the type of person you are.

  • Bedding sets: Bold, floral, bright, patterned and busy bedding set prints are statements of confidence, fun, positivity and keeping up with the latest trends and designs. When people choose plain white bedding sets for their bed, they usually lead busy lives and prefer not to indulge in loud prints that subconsciously stress you out.
  • Bedding dress: How many pillows are currently on your bed right now? If your bed is in the realm of continental pillows, pillows, multiple throw cushions and throw blankets (all of which match, of course), you exude fine living, organisation, wanting to make a great impression and the importance of self-care. If, however, you don’t dress your bed with throw accessories and maybe have a soft toy of sorts on an otherwise plain-dressed bed, you’re content with what you have and are more concerned about comfort and good old rest.
  • Bed making: You’re either one of two people: one who makes their bed or one who does not. All there is to say is that people who make their beds in the morning are happier than those who don’t.


The items of décor

Décor includes things such as plants, candles, shelves, mirrors, lamps and wall art. And these can also say a lot about your personality.

For example, people who choose to have family and friends’ photographs around their room are caring, loyal and relatively social people. They know how to prioritise the relationships in their lives. If the bedroom consists of wall art in the form of quotes and motivational art, the owner is probably someone who needs reminders, affirmation and encouragement to get through their days. They are also, likely, the friend who everyone turns to, in confidence, for advice.

And those who use shelves and other extra storage spaces are either organised (depending on the number of items on the shelves) or extremely disorganised (because they’re just looking for more space to rotate their mess).

People who have a variety of sensory décor – candles, flowers and essential oils – are people who search for calm and relaxing environments to centre themselves and practice mindfulness. They’re focused on self-care and working on themselves to be the best they can be.

Your bedroom can say a ton about the type of person you are. Even the number of times you change your room design speaks to your character and personal growth.

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