Digital Wellbeing: 2024 Burnout Antidote

soSerene – Healthy change is here
soSerene – Healthy change is here


Intuitive New Digital Wellbeing Platform Is The Antidote To Burnout In 2024

At a time when half the world’s population is predicted to experience a mental health disorder, according to Harvard research published in The Lancet Psychiatry, groundbreaking wellbeing platform, soSerene, is offering a solution by addressing mental health concerns in an innovative and holistic way, promoting mental health in combination with physical fitness, nutrition, and community-building. Whether it's a lack of knowledge, time, motivation, confidence or resources holding them back, soSerene helps people integrate healthy habits into their modern lives.

Holistic Approach

Unlike many wellness resources, soSerene recognises that wellbeing is multifaceted, requiring a holistic combination of mental health, physical fitness and good nutrition.

"When you're fit and well-nourished, you have more energy, you're more alert, you sleep better at night, and you function better during the day. That makes you feel more confident and optimistic," says Joy Des Fountain, co-founder of soSerene.

soSerene makes aspirational healthy living achievable. The all-in-or-nothing approach that many people adopt with health and fitness has been replaced with manageable lifestyle adjustments that add up. "For example, the workout may be hard, but finding time to fit the workout in, shouldn't be," says Des Fountain.  

Members can access resources such as express, no-equipment workouts, five-minute meditation “snacks” and healthy recipes made using typical supermarket ingredients. Structured series give members curated resources to address particular needs (such as better sleep, building resilience or overcoming fear), while quarterly challenges allow them to connect with likeminded individuals on a similar journey. 

Wellbeing in the Workplace

soSerene has also been designed to integrate into employee wellness programmes. It provides a vehicle to normalise mental health conversations in the workplace, while encouraging a proactive approach to employee wellbeing, adopting a holistic view of health, and tapping into the power of community.

"We're determined to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental illness and cultivate a sense of togetherness,” says Des Fountain. “Our platform encourages employees to embark on this journey collectively, highlighting the significance of nurturing mental and physical wellbeing. It's far more enjoyable when you're on this journey with others." 

How It Works

New members take the Serenity Test – a multiple choice quiz that identifies areas they need to prioritise. Based on their scores, the platform recommends relevant resources, in the form of information, workouts, recipes, challenges and more.

Existing members can re-take the Serenity Test at any time to check if their focus areas have changed.

As users interact with the platform, they earn Serenity Points, which can be spent on additional paid resources. The gamified interface rewards members for engaging with the platform and keeps them coming back. For corporates, the Serenity Points act as a currency for rewards programmes, and a metric for leaderboards or simply tracking employee engagement, depending on the mechanic the business has chosen to adopt.

Avoiding burnout requires self-awareness and access to stress-management tools, and soSerene aims to provide both. Des Fountain explains: "We've designed everything to be simple and easily integrated into a busy lifestyle. Whether it's a quick five-minute desk meditation or energising post-work home workouts, soSerene ensures that wellbeing is achievable by all." 

How to Sign Up

The soSerene platform is available as a web-based application.

For more information and to explore how soSerene can revolutionise your workplace, please visit and follow @be_soserene on Instagram.

soSerene – Healthy change is here.

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